#deploying an application via. Docker

Lets Check the files which included in Flask Application

Check Out Total Codes in Github Repository


or else follow the codes given below


#all about cloud computing

Cloud computing involves operating computer functions and capabilities in a service access via an Internet-based platform. It’s commonly used for data computing, storage, and management that takes place off an enterprise’s local machines.

Continuous Delivery (CD)

It is a practice of automating the entire software release process. The idea is to do CI, plus automatically prepare and track a release to production. The desired outcome is that anyone with sufficient privileges to deploy a new release can do so at any time in…

In simple words, CI is a software engineering practice where each check-in made by a developer is verified by either of the following:

Pull mechanism:- Executing an automated build at a scheduled time

Push mechanism:- Executing an automated build when changes are saved in the repository

This step is followed by executing a unit test against the latest changes available in the source code repository :-

Jenkins doesn’t need the introduction; it is an open source and one the most popular CI tools available in the market. It helps in automating the repetitive task of CI. Jenkins makes the process effective and transparent.

The steps given below will enable you to use Eclipse to write any program.

Step 1: Launch Eclipse and create a workspace. Workspace is the place where your files and projects will get saved.

Let’s get Started Deploy Using an Voting Application

Open Terminal

Step 01 :

$ sudo apt-get update

Step 02 :

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